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Terms and Conditions

These general conditions apply to service providing Kart-driving to individuals and legal entities hereafter referred to as CUSTOMERS.

  1. I hereby give my consent for the announcement of my personal data (name, e-mail, birth date, city/town, phone number, etc.) solely in connection with this statement.

  2. The general terms and conditions constitute pre-established provisions which regulate the relations between the ORGANIZER and the CUSTOMERS.

  3. The general terms and conditions are legally binding for the parties.

  4. The CUSTOMER accepts the General terms and conditions and the ORGANIZER provides karts for driving on the Karting track.

  5. Every Customer has to make initial registration and to complete a responsibility waiver statement prior to buying a ticket.

  6. The CUSTOMER is required to be acquainted with the Safety rules, by purchasing a ticket the customer accepts them for all the sessions or competitions he/she shall take part in.

  7. The ORGANIZER provides the CUSTOMER with a technically fit kart.

  8. The Customer has the right to withdraw from using the service after purchasing a ticket, before the entry to the briefing area, and the Organizer shall refund the sum paid.

  9. The CUSTOMER takes under her/his responsibility all the risks; he/she bears financial and criminal liability for any damages caused to people, and undertakes to cover any property damages.

  10. The Customer undertakes to use the service without being under the influence of narcotic substances, alcohol, medications or other similar substances.

  11. In my capacity of a parent / guardian, I hereby undertake to instruct the minor child that kart-driving is dangerous and there is a risk of injury. I am aware of the experience and skills of the minor child. I do hereby acknowledge that kart driving on the track is risky.

  12. The staff does not keep the personal belongings of the customers and shall bear no responsibility of them!

  13. Every customer gives their consent to the Organizer or any third parties the organizer may authorize, to use any and all videos and photos with names and persons for advertising or marketing purposes.

  14. The Organizer shall have the right to postpone or cancel sessions upon bad weather.

  15. By accepting the current General terms and conditions the CUSTOMER relieves the ORGANIZER and all the employees related to the activity exercised, counterparts, pay-roll staff, assistants, etc. of all responsibility.

  16. I hereby agree to receive information bulletins / SMS, e-mails for events, promotions and invitations from the Organizer.