• FD Kart is organising Kart training! Come visit us and book you place every Saturday and Sunday.

FAQ - Karting Track Blagoevgrad

What is your business hours?

Kart track Blagoevgrad is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am, whether holidays or weekends. We are selecting our kart tires depending on weather conditions.

For more information please call 073 840 820.

What is the maximum speed of your carts?

Our karts are 270 cc and can reach maximum speed of 70 km.

Why should I wear bonnet and helmet?

Bonnet is compulsory from hygiene point of view. A helmet is something that prevents you from shocks and must be closed. In motorsport helmet is an essential element of your safety.

Do you have a measurement system?

You will receive a printout made ​​for each lap, and your overall ranking in the race.

Can we have a night ride?

Yes, we have lights for night riding. Summer time we are open till midnight.

What clothes should you wear?

You can drive with any clothes, as long as fastened and comfortable. In winter, we recommend wearing warm clothes, shoes and gloves. We require shoes to be gated with flip flops and slippers are prohibited!

How old do you have to be able to drive a kart?

There is no age limit but there is a limit in height. You must be over 140 cm.

Do you have a safety briefing?

Yes, the brierfing is held by our trained staff. Briefing is required before each session or competition, whether you are an experienced or a beginner pilot.

It includes:

  • management kart,
  • behaviour of the track, 
  • flags and signalling.

It is very important that each driver to get correct information.

Can I train kart?

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 12:30 we provide go-kart training. For each age group, without limitation, the only condition is to have over 140 cm. We have different levels of training. 
You will get great tips and techniques for riding a go-kart.

Can I organise a big event or teambuilding with you?

Yes, this is something we do. You only need to contact our event organizer and discuss it. Your contact is Mrs. Fidanka Viachka tel. 0889 000 666. She will advise you and prepare an individual offer for your event or teambuilding.

Do you organise kart race events?

Yes. Organize three types of competitions Junior, Sprint and Endurance.You should be registered as SWS pilot, http://www.sodiwseries.com/en/ and choose Karting FDKART. For any organized competition you will receive an email.

Can I organise child birthday party?

Hosting your birthday party in our Karting track is very good choice. The only requirement is that children have a minimum height of 140 cm. You can email us or call Mrs Fidanka Viachka at tel. 0889 000 666. She will offer a variety of options to chhose from.


Should I make a reservation?

If you are a group of up to 10 people, you don't necessarily have to make a booking. For groups over 10 people it is better to make a reservation, you may call tel. 073 840 820

Also please keep in mind that at weekends there is a large workload and it maight be a good idea to make a reservation.

Should I make a declaration?

Dear customer, completing such statements is standard practice for all karting tracks in the world. Karting is a motor sport and this declaration is consistent with the Bulgarian legislation and safety of operation of the kart.